Support in Transition to Higher Education During School Closure March – May 2020 (Updated)

Update: 23/04/2020

An update from YourEd

  1. We’ve now pre-recorded 10 online sessions and we’ve moved them from OneDrive to our Media Hopper channel. Please sign up via email since we really think this would be valuable for getting updates, especially an upcoming video about the Impact of COVID-19 on Admissions that we hope to post this week.
  2. In addition to our Twitter, we’ve now also created an Instagram account (@YourEdInsta) which we would encourage students to start following as we’ll upload further resources and information onto here.

We hope you reach out to us if you’re in need.

Take care and best wishes,

Update: 03/04/2020

Please see the link below which you should check from next week on a regular basis for updates on answers to the questions and thoughts submitted.

A Welcome document is available with a list of topics to be covered in the sessions. First upload expected Monday 6thApril 2020.

Your Ed, Widening Participation Team, at the University of Edinburgh have set up a forum offering support to all students applying to University who cannot currently access support but can do through Mentimeter. This is to support all UCAS candidates applying nationally.

Through the Mentimeter presentation/survey you can submit questions, thoughts, and worries about higher education and transition from high school.

Your questions will be used to pre-record online sessions that you will be able to access via Blackboard Collaborate software, including Q&A’s with current students answering some of your questions.

Please access this link if you have any questions, thoughts or queries:

The Mentimeter session will close in 7 days, so please put in their questions by Friday 3rd April 2020.

We hope to make the pre-recorded sessions available to students from w.b. 6th April 2020 when you will receive further instructions on how to access the forum. Please enter your contact details into the Mentimeter as requested and the Your Ed Team can keep in touch with you and let you know when links are available.

Please also email the team at by this Friday 3rd April with the following info:

  • “YourEd Online Sessions Sign Up” in subject line
  • Name and school name in body
  • If you have regular access to internet, and if so, what devices do you have at your disposal (e.g. phone / laptop / computer / tablet)