Returning to School – August 2020 (Letter from Head Teacher)

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you and your family are well. We are looking forward to seeing our pupils next week. You and your child will of course have some concerns about returning to school.
You will find the answers to some of your questions here.

In Edinburgh, pupils will return to school next week on a phased basis.

At St Augustine’s we are making changes to how our school is run to minimise risk.

  1. In order to reduce the number of people within the school building, meetings with parents will take place digitally or by telephone and parents will not be permitted within the school building. We are encouraging pupils to make their own way to school rather than being dropped off.
  2. The Scottish Government is also advising walking or cycling to school to minimise the risk on public transport.
  3. Pupils are expected to wear full school uniform, including ties. However, we are not initially expecting our senior pupils to wear school blazers. This will be reviewed before the October break.
  4. Hand sanitiser will be available in all classrooms and teachers will be encouraging frequent use and handwashing.
  5. A one-way system has been established within the school and this will be strictly enforced to avoid large groups of pupils gathering in one place.
  6. Pupils will be permitted to go to the toilet throughout the day to avoid large numbers gathering at lunch time in the facilities.
  7. Classroom layouts have been amended to ensure limited face to face contact with other pupils and where possible increased space. Teaching and Learning is also changing to reduce risk and to include more outdoor learning and improvements to digital learning.
  8. At breaktime and lunchtime, we will be using our school theatre as an additional seating area and pupils will be encouraged to eat and socialise in the school grounds when the weather permits.
  9. Unfortunately, no mass gatherings are possible and so assemblies and school masses will not take place.
  10. During the school day, should your child show any covid19 related symptoms, they will be isolated in our medical suite and you will be asked to collect your child as soon as possible.

First Day in School

For pupils S2-S6, you will be asked to report to your tutor class room. During Period 1, pupils will be issued with their new timetable and teachers will address wellbeing concerns and explain the new school operations.

Appointments for re-coursing can be made with Mrs Chrystal by email and TEAMS. Pupils are asked not to congregate outside her office.

New S1 Pupils – S1 pupils will report to the school theatre where they will be allocated to a member of staff who will take them to their form teacher and form class.

Yours faithfully

M McGee

Head Teacher