The School Day

From Monday 4th June 2018 our school day will be changing:

  • School will continue to start every day at 8:40 am.
  • On Mondays and Thursdays, school will finish at 3:33 pm.
  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, school will finish at 3:19 pm.
  • On Fridays, school will now finish at 1:01 pm.

More details about the school day, and the rationale for changing it, can be found in this new post.

The school day structure below will be used until Friday 1st June 2018.

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 8:40-9:30 8:40-9:30 8:40-9:30 8:40-9:30 8:40-9:30
2 9:30-10:20 9:30-10:20 9:30-10:20 9:30-10:20 9:30-10:20
Break 10:20-10:35 10:20-10:35 10:20-10:35 10:20-10:35 10:20-10:35
3 10:35-11:25 10:35-11:25 10:35-11:25 10:35-11:25 10:35-11:25
4 11:25-12:15 11:25-12:15 11:25-12:15 11:25-12:15 11:25-12:15
5 12:15-13:05 12:15-13:05 12:15-13:05 12:15-13:05
Lunch 13:05-13:45 13:05-13:45 13:05-13:45 13:05-13:45
6 13:45-14:35 13:45-14:35 13:45-14:35 13:45-14:35
Tutor 14:35-15:00 14:35-15:00
7 15:00-15:50 14:35-15:25 15:00-15:50 14:35-15:25

NB: Please note that the school day finishes after period 4 on Fridays at 12:15 pm.

The Transition from Primary School

By the time they reach Primary 7 most students are really looking forward to the move to High School.

Firstly, St Augustine’s is much bigger than any of the primary schools. Our average school roll is around 750 pupils.

Secondly, the students at St Augustine’s are drawn from a very wide area of the city. Our catchment stretches from South Queensferry in the north to Currie and Balerno in the south. We welcome students from our partner primaries of Fox Covert R C, St Cuthbert’s, St David’s, St Joseph’s and St Margaret’s. In addition we are home to students from more than two dozen other primaries.

Thirdly, instead of following one seamless day in primary, the school is divided into seven periods, which involves students moving to many different subjects.

While these changes are exciting, they can create anxiety for the new students as well. For this reason we work very closely with the students, parents and our primary colleagues to prepare well for the move.