Learn at Home Resources

A guide to accessing Office 365 can be found here.

Assessment and Study Planning

The resources below are of particular use to pupils currently preparing for NQ assessments.

General Resources

  • School Website – Faculty Pages
  • School Twitter
  • BBC Bitesize – Free online study support resource to help with revision. Go to the Secondary menu and choose the appropriate level from the Scotland list.
  • SCHOLAR – Online courses at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. To access SCHOLAR materials you will need your SCHOLAR username and password.
  • Collins Learning – Free resources and downloadable answers from HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
  • SQA – Website of the Scottish Qualification Authority where you can find course specifications and past papers in every subject. You can also build your own personal examination timetable. If you have not already done so you can register with MySQA so you can receive your results by text and/or email.
  • SQA – Understanding Standards
  • SQA – Past Papers
  • Bright Red Publishing
  • Scholastic Learn at Home – Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing.
  • Twinkl – One month free subscription to enable parents and carers to have resources
  • ACHIEVE – A study toolkit for Scottish National 5 exams and covers 11 of the most common National 5 subjects.It can be used both in school and remotely

Mental health and wellbeing

NEW – a collaboration between Shout, the Mix and Young Minds, a new OneSpace service has been launched as a single place to help people under 25 quickly connect with clinically assured online support and information, to support their mental health and wellbeing. This service can be accessed here: https://onespaceto.org/ 

Staying Active (Active Schools)

For Parents

  • Parentzone – particularly the section on learning at home
  • Parentclub – though perhaps more designed at Younger children

Education Scotland have a new page specifically for Transitions between schools or after school https://education.gov.scot/parentzone/learning-at-home/covid19/transitions/

A new resource has been produced by the mental health foundation to help children talk about their feelings with parents or carers https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/sites/default/files/MHF-Scotland-Parents-Pack.pdf

Subject Specific



Free social platform for all ages
A place for art, learning and socialising

Sketchpad 5.1 for PC or Mac
Sketchpad makes it easy to bring your ideas to life
It’s a game to download draw something classic, social drawing and guessing game.


A free online Pictionary drawing game, draw and guess with fun multiplayer games.


Go to Art factory to choose from a variety of
art lessons
art appreciation
design lessons

Research Artists and Designers
( Record factual notes, give your personal opinion of the style ,complete sketches)
Henri Matisse (French artist)
Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch painter)
Banksy (Street Artist)
Andy Goldsworthy (British sculptor)

Offline activities :
Collect on your walk (small, natural)
Observe ( Be inspired by your surroundings take photographs inside or outside)
Draw what you see from a window in your home
Create a collage timeline
Draw objects in the home�� (Tone, colour, form)
Sketch (record highlights of your day, make them into a mini sketchbook)
Recycle ♻️ (create artwork using cardboard, cut, glue, draw, paint on top of it)


Business Management

Design, Manufacture and Graphics (CDT)

Graphic Communication Resources:


Design and Manufacture Resources:

https://www.focuselearning.co.uk/ – email Mr Collin for a login / check your teams.

Practical Woodworking:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc3EpWncNq5QL0QhwUNQb7w – Paul Sellers excellent channel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3_pS3LvNKw – One of Matt Estlea’s project (see other videos)

Leckie & Leckie Textbooks Online:

https://connect.collins.co.uk/school/STAUGUST24/Student/ – email Mr Collin for a login / check your teams.


Computing Science


All S2 BGE work can found in the class notebooks.


All S3 work can found in the class notebooks and pupils should check Teams for a list of activities to do when required.

N5, Higher, Advanced Higher

All revision materials are in the class notebooks. Check Google Classroom for teacher updates.


Pupils should log into Teams to access work.


New English work for S1/2 learners.

Please follow the links below for access to the new work. There is a document in each folder that contains instructions on what to do – please read this first!!

S1 Link to English Work:

Link to Office365

S2 Link to English Work:

Link to Office365

Online Learning for s1/2 English

Reading Read a book for a minimum of 45 minutes a day. Free ebooks can be found:

Reading Tasks: Note down any words that you don’t know – look them up using a dictionary/online dictionary. Write the definition down in your own vocab list. Use these words in a new sentence.

Literacy Games:

Teams: Look out for specific English resources coming your way from your teachers.

S3 – S6 Online Learning:

All should be set up on a digital platform: Google Classroom or [https://office365.edin.org/](OneDrive and Teams) will be used to communicate.

All seniors should have a SCHOLAR password and be using this as well as the links below to supplement learning:


Google classroom for S4/S5/S6 students.

Past papers that can be accessed via SQA website or Google Classroom. Written work can be submitted either via email – 9064341@ea.edin.sch.uk or Google Classroom as prompted.

Scholar for Nat 5 and Higher pupils

Useful websites for Nat 2/Nat 3/Nat 4 and Nat 5 students:


All S1&2 pupils have now been added to either S1 or S2 Social Subjects Teams where they can also access the home learning materials.

  • S1 pupils will be issued with a Weather and Climate booklet – also available on school website
  • S2 pupils will be issued with a home learning activity sheet – also available on school website

S1 and S2 resources available on Geography subject page.

  • Microsoft Teams set up for S3, N5/H and Travel & Tourism classes. Files and tasks will be shared here.
  • S3 pupils have been issued with the Rivers booklet to accompany e-resources (via Teams)
  • National 5 pupils have been issued with ‘Intermediate’ textbook 17.03.20
  • Higher pupils have been issued with Study Packs for revision of the whole course
  • BBC Bite Size – Higher
  • BBC Bite Size – National 5

Health and Well-being

Miss Cox has created a whole-school Health and Well-being Team which all pupils should be members of.


All S1&2 pupils have now been added to either S1 or S2 Social Subjects Teams where they can also access the home learning materials.

  • Mrs Cochrane – 1M1/1A1 – students have their own booklets: The Scottish Wars of Independence. They should continue to work through tasks in booklet.
  • S2 – World War 2 – all classes will be issued with booklets and tasks to work through.
  • S3 – Scotland and the Era of the Great War. Students have booklets to work through. They should access BBC Bitesize for clarification or development of notes. Students can also access SQA past papers and work on their exam technique, using skills help sheets previously provided (6 question stems).
  • S4 – Pressure for Democratic Reform. Students have booklets to work through. They should access BBC Bitesize for clarification or development of notes. Students should work through their past paper booklets for all topics.
  • S5 – National 5. Students should work through past paper questions and access BBC Bitesize for further clarification and development of notes. Students have access to the 3 text books for the course.
  • Mrs Cochrane – S5/S6 – Higher. Students should tackle as many past paper questions as possible for paper 2. Essay: To what extent was propaganda the main reason why the Nazis were able to stay in power 1933-1939? (2017)
  • Mr Langan – S5/S6 Higher. Students to work on past papers questions for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Students have learned all source templates, they must revise these and implement them using past papers. Students must also re-draft all completed essays for the British and German units using feedback which has been provided. Essay: How important was Prussian economic strength in the achievement of German unification by 1871? (2017)

Home Economics

Microsoft teams created for each class/teacher S1-S5.

S1 – 4 Weekly Booklets: Food Safety, Textiles, Health Eating and Health and wellbeing for pupils to work through. Current Recipe book for pupils to use in to practice practical skills where possible.

S2 – World wide cuisine project, homework project, homework log book on teams to work through. Recipe book in teams to practice practical skills where possible.

S3 Core – 2 Recipe books to choose recipes from. Practical cookery workbook to work through.

S3 Elective (Cookery School) – Weekly homework Log book to be updated with previous recipes done. Current Recipe book to use for help as well as continuing through.

S4 – (National 5 Practical Cookery) – Pupils have access to TimePlan workbook, Knowledge Revision Pack, Recipes, Self Log Book for practicals, past paper questions.

S5 – Time plan help sheets. Practice paper feedback. Nat 5 recipe book. 19/20 Revision pack workbook.

Useful topics and links to help


All classes are on Microsoft Teams except Dr Garside’s S3 and S4 classes, who should use Google Classroom and OneNote.



N5 Applications of Maths

Modern Languages

S1/2 Online Learning

Work on revision of topics already covered using the links below:

S3 – S6 Online Learning:

All should be set up on a digital platform: Google Classroom or One Drive and Teams will be used to communicate.

S3s not continuing with a language have been given instructions from their teacher about what they should be doing. For most it is a research project using their ipad.

All S4-6 should also have a SCHOLAR password and be using this to supplement revision.

Modern Studies

All S1&2 pupils have now been added to either S1 or S2 Social Subjects Teams where they can also access the home learning materials.

  • S1/2 Modern Studies – pupils will be issued with task sheets to take home and complete as necessary. Also available on school website.
  • 3C (Mrs Aitchison) – pupils should access tasks and resources via Google Classroom. Pupils have been issued with booklets.
  • 3D – Mr Carlin – pupils should access tasks and resources via Google Classroom
  • S4-6 pupils should access materials and tasks from their teachers via Teams (Mrs Aitchison)
    or Google Classroom (Mr Carlin)
  • 4C (Mrs Aitchison) class have been given source practice questions booklet. They also have
    past paper knowledge questions for all the topics.
  • 5A (Mrs Aitchison’s section) have been given past paper essay questions for Mrs Aitchison’s





OneNote set up for S1-S3 with pupil tasks accessed through office365.edin.org Higher RMPS pupils to continue accessing materials on OneNote.


Work for S1 and S2 can be found in Teams. (You’ll be glad to know that Mr Moore in Computing will not be marking your Spanish homework).

S1 Team

S2 Team