Pupil Notices – Week 26/03/2018

Interested in studying law?

The Law Society of Scotland intends to host a summer school this year from Tuesday 12th June until Friday 15th in Edinburgh for people applying to study Law.

The summer school will introduce pupils to the following:

  • What studying law/university is like
  • What it is like to be a solicitor (with some focus on the advocate profession)
  • Some legal knowledge.

If any pupils are interested please see Mrs Carson asap.

Nursing Career Event

An event is being help for students interested in a career in Nursing at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh on Saturday 28 April, 9:30am – 3:30pm.

This full day event will give students an insight into Nursing as a career. Nursing staff will be on hand, delivering presentations and practical workshops to students.

Students who attend will receive a certificate of attendance to keep.

This event is sponsored and organised by Vision in Kids (VIKS) charity, committed to improving the career opportunities for school students.

Any students interested in attending should speak to Mrs Barry.

Immunisations Monday 26th March 2018

All S3 pupils, and select S4-S6 pupils, will be receiving vaccinations on this date. Class teachers will provide additional details for when each group of pupils should report to the school office.

Prom – All S6 pupils

We have a new boutique at St Augustine’s for those struggling to find a prom outfit. We have a load of dresses, shoes, ties and jackets to choose from. The boutique is in the Business Education base and you can come up during lunchtime if you would like to have a look.

Pupils can lease the item(s) for £5 and then return the item(s) to the school after prom night.

Ignite Group

Why is the Christian faith relevant to me?  Who actually was Jesus?  What does the Bible say about life today?

A new group is meeting, starting during Lent, to discuss the Christian faith and its relevance today.  The group will meet every Thursday during lunch time in E4 and is open to all pupils from across all year groups.  This week we will be starting to look at how faith impacts our attitudes and the way we treat others.  For more information please see Mr Dalgleish or Dr Garside.

Employment and Skills

Please download the current employment bulletins: