News - Month: May 2020

Head Teacher Update – 29th May 2020 - 29th May, 2020

Dear Parent/Carer, I hope everyone is keeping safe. We are asking for your continued and extra support as parents in ensuring your son or daughter is logging online and managing to engage with the learning. This may be difficult for some and is not intended to cause additional worries. If you need support with school […]

Head Teacher – 22nd May 2020 - 22nd May, 2020

Hi all, Hope everyone is keeping safe. Staff are working very hard to provide work for our young people. Staff are also working at different times as they also try and juggle, home-schooling as well as doing their day job. Please do not worry about our response time to your emails or voice messages we […]

S3 JET Academy - 20th May, 2020

Please find below documents relating to the S3 JET Academy. The parental letter provides further information.

School Session 20/21: For the attention of S4/S5 Pupils Only - 7th May, 2020

Hi S4/S5, Hope everyone is safe and keeping well. From Monday 11th May you will be starting your new timetable. The current S4 pupils will move into S5 and S5pupils into S6. Teachers are currently busy setting up new Microsoft Teams or Google Classrooms and you will by receiving emails either telling you that you […]

Speakers for Schools – Virtual Talks (Updated: 7th May 2020) - 7th May, 2020

Update: 7th May 2020 There are new Virtual Talks planned for the coming weeks. You can view the compete schedule at this link. You can also submit questions prior to each talk. If you would like to do so then please contact Mr Langan. The list of talks for the week beginning 11th May is: […]

YPI Your Community Fund Launched - 6th May, 2020

We’re excited to be able to offer S3 pupils the opportunity to take part in YPI Scotland’s Your Community Fund. Grants of £4,000 are available to support the work being done by small local charities during the coronavirus pandemic, and this document will help you find out how your team can get involved.

VE Day Recipes - 6th May, 2020

This coming Friday is 75th anniversary of VE Day. It will be a school holiday but if you are looking for something to do then Miss Ellis has found some VE Day recipes you could try to make. The recipes are in the document below. If you’re looking for inspiration then there are some great […]

Supporting Learning at Home - 5th May, 2020

As we begin week 7 of the lockdown we wanted to share a reminder about the importance of balancing learning with positive Health and Wellbeing. Stay Safe! ❤️

MySQA and SQA News - 4th May, 2020

MySQA Despite the changes in the exam system this year, the SQA are encouraging pupils to sign up for MySQA. MySQA allows you to sign-up for the SQA results notification service, choosing how you receive your results. You must sign up at before 5 pm on Tuesday 14 July 2020. To register, all you […]