Edinburgh Learns @ Home (Feb 21)

Guidance for Parents and Carers – Feb 21

The information below is issued by City of Edinburgh Council. There is a PDF version of this page attached at the bottom.

During this period of remote learning, learning tasks and resources will be available so that all children and young people can access them during the course of the school day/week. Guidance will be provided to parents and carers by their schools on how to manage the school work.

What will remote learning look like?

Schools are not expected to completely replicate the school timetable remotely. Schools will adopt the best model for learner engagement to reflect their context and needs of their learners and families. Learners should not engage in online learning for the entirety of the school day.

Below is a description of the types of approaches to remote learning which will be used by our teachers with our pupils. It is likely that your child(ren) will experience a combination of these approaches.

  • providing learning tasks and resources on-line
  • providing physical copies of learning resources
  • pre-recorded learning which learners can access flexibly
  • teachers interacting live with a whole class or group during part of a lesson, or a whole lesson.

Pupil-teacher live interaction can take many forms, including video, audio and/or text via the chat function on Teams. This may be used to introduce learning, provide feedback on learning or to provide opportunities for discussion.

Feedback may be given to learners in a variety of formats. This could be written or oral, and may be based on teacher, peer or self-assessment. It is not expected that teachers will provide written feedback on every task submitted by learners.

Research states that new learning is best shared in ‘chunks’, in a format that allows young people to access and revisit new learning at a time that best suits them. Well structured independent learning is supported by regular teacher-pupil interactions.

As a guide, the combination of learning tasks set should allow for the below recommended hours of pupil engagement:

  • Primary: 15-20 hours weekly
  • S1-S3: 15-20 hours weekly
  • Senior Phase: 20-25 hours weekly