Catholic Education Week

We celebrate Catholic Education Week (CEW) this week.  The theme for this year is “Celebrating and Worshiping”.  A poignant thought since we have not been able to have whole school celebrations this year in school.

We will host a number of smaller, short assemblies during the last week of term so every learner can share in the celebration of Christmas, and come together as a community.

Please find a 1 minute message from Archbishop Cushley to open Catholic Education Week here.

You will notice your parish will celebrate this week as well and distribute leaflets regarding the Catholic schools in your area, including us.  You can view these leaflets below.

For more information about Catholic Education Week in general, please click here.

St. Andrew’s Primary School

St. Cuthbert’s Primary School

St. David’s Primary School

St. Joseph’s Primary School

St. Margaret’s Primary School