Preparation and Exam Day Checklist

All of the points below have been shown to help students do their best in exams. Think of the reasons for each of the statements. Discuss them with friends and teachers.

Well before the exams

  • check the exam timetable to make sure you arrive for exams on the correct day, at the correct time. This is entirely your responsibility.
  • make a revision/study timetable.
  • revise every part of the course.
  • make notes and summaries of the important parts.
  • try to think of different ways of presenting the information e.g. a diagram or a talk.
  • find out about the exam. (Timing, number of questions, choice etc.)
  • buy extra pens etc. (remember all written work should be done in black or blue ink).
  • eat regularly and get enough sleep before exams.

The evening before the exam

  • do not plan to revise a lot of work. This bulk of your revision should have been completed earlier.
  • read over your summaries
  • try to relax
  • get everything ready for the next day; equipment, clothes, etc.
  • get a good night’s sleep

The day of the exam

  • get up in plenty of time and try not to be rushed.
  • do not do revision other than looking over summaries of important points.
  • eat a good breakfast
  • make sure that your watch is working correctly.

During the exams

  • check that the exam paper you are given is the right one
  • write your name on your answer sheets
  • read all the questions and if there is a choice of questions + tick the questions that you think you can answer.
  • do not use Tippex. Mistakes should have a single line drawn through them.
  • check the time regularly during the exam.
  • check the back page of all exam papers to ensure you have finished all of the questions.
  • leave enough time to read over all of your answers.
  • if you are likely to run out of time, make summary notes to answer the remaining questions.