School Staff

The single most valuable resource we have at St Augustine’s is our staff. All work hard to ensure the students achieve their full potential.

The Senior Leadership Team

The overall responsibility for providing the leadership and vision St. Augustine’s RC High School deserves lies with the Senior Management Team. The team is responsible for the smooth running of the school. It is involved in helping departments review and monitor their work throughout the year.

Many of the responsibilities once held by the Children and Families Department (formerly the  Department of Education) have now been passed down to the school. The Head Teacher together with the Business Manager has to look after the budgets for staffing, training, heating and lighting, and repairs and maintenance. In managing these, the Head Teacher and his team ensure that their first priority is the quality of teaching and learning at St. Augustine’s RC High School.

The two Deputy Head Teachers (DHT) have a variety of different responsibilities within the school. A list showing the various remits can be downloaded from the Publications section of this web site.

  • Acting Head Teacher: Mr A O’Doherty
  • Depute Head Teacher: Mrs C Chrystal
  • Depute Head Teacher: Mrs L A Baird
  • Business Manager: Mr A Carter

Teaching Staff

The school is organised into different faculties. The heads of each faculty (Curriculum Leaders) have five main tasks to perform:

  • to create courses of quality with their colleagues
  • to  monitor the quality of teaching and learning
  • to monitor how well students are progressing
  • to  create a positive ethos of achievement
  • to prepare students for relevant exam presentation

Support Staff

The staff list includes members of our support staff. They provide assistance to teachers and pupils in all areas of the school.

All our support staff are quite indispensable. We are very, very fortunate that they are committed to the realisation of our school aims. We work hard to make everyone feel part of the whole staff team.